We need an efficient city government that is family and business friendly. Let's remember to focus on small business as well as attracting larger businesses by reducing the cost of electricity and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy.


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Affordable Electricity

People are struggling to make ends meet and affordable electricity is a necessity.  As your mayor I would advocate and fight for lower cost energy and a more diverse energy portfolio. The profit that El Paso executives made off taxpayers is reprehensible.

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City Planning

Focus needs to be on our future. Las Cruces will continue to grow, and road diets are counter productive. Adding sidewalks and bike lanes are encouraged but not at the expense of 2 lanes of traffic. Let's spend money on the best interest of the people’s future.  For example: education.

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Our Vision For Las Cruces

As co-owner of La Fiesta Bakery, I’ve seen firsthand how the city council’s decisions affect the average business owner and citizen. For decades the council has attempted to implement grandiose ideas of turning this city into a metropolis.

We need to be family and business friendly if we want healthy growth. Let’s not retire this city when more than 80% of the population is not ready to retire.

Please vote for me, Gina Montoya Ortega, a leader with the vision of having affordable electricity and a city that is family and business friendly. A leader that will solicit the feedback and input from the people.

Thank you for your support!



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