Our Approach

In my run for Las Cruces Mayor I am hoping to give Las Cruces residents back their voice and with their help move this city in the right direction. I would like voters to be confident when they cast their vote for me that I will be transparent, fair, and have the citizens best interest at heart. I would like to instill the confidence that what people are interested in, worried about, feel we need as a city are being heard and hopefully acted upon. I truly feel that I am the candidate who can help bring all different parties together and make democracy work for the betterment of the city and its people, not by being a politician, but rather as a person who wants to do the right thing.

My Story

My name is (Gina) Eugenia Montoya Ortega and I'm running for Mayor of Las Cruces, NM.  I was born and raised in here in Las Cruces, NM and I’m bilingual.  I have been married to (Ray) Ramon O. Ortega for 33 years.  We have three wonderful adult children, a daughter and son-in-law, and two beautiful granddaughters. My husband and I are the proud owners of La Fiesta Bakery. I'm running for Mayor because Las Cruces residents deserve someone who will solicit input from the citizens of Las Cruces and advocate for better use of their taxpayer dollars.

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